B. Patterson family update

Alayna writes on her website:

“Bryce and Audrey continue to grow like weeds! Bryce seems to learn a new word every day and Audrey is trying to catch up. One of Bryce’s newest words is “Play-doh” which was coming out “minnow” for awhile. Audrey has coos and gurgles that are just as cute as can be. She smiles a lot and has such a gentle personality! We’ve also noticed that she goes for older men – especially those collecting social security. Guess my girl knows where the money is!”

Click here for more news and some photos.

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One Response to B. Patterson family update

  1. Nate says:

    Audrey had better re-adjust her sites after a bit. Social security will go broke sooner (or later), unfortunately before I see a dime of it. What a joke!

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