Free Cone Day


Andrea would like to remind everyone that today is free cone day at Ben and Jerry’s. More info on their web site. Tomorrow is free scoop day at Baskin and Robbins. More info here.

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2 Responses to Free Cone Day

  1. Andrea says:

    My report on cone day:
    The Ben and Jerrys I went to today was completely empty! I couldn’t believe it. It is still in a shopping center that is fairly new so many business people weren’t around. I met two of my girlfriends with kids there (5 kids total plus mine in my stomach). It was great because even though some of their kids are under 1 year, we still got them an ice cream and they didn’t finish it so we did. I do have to confess that I went back in with one of the kids as a “prop” to get another ice cream for myself. I got Brownie Batter the first time and Peanut Butter Cup
    the second time. And…one of the girls with me was not registered to vote so she did that while we were there. I took photos on my regular camera so I will have photos in a few months. I also got a coupon for my keychain for 10% off for the rest of the year at B&Js!
    Baskin Robbins is tomorrow so we may go with some friends after Bible Study. Everyone should look at the times though because the timings are all strange.

  2. Don III says:

    My report from Cone Day:
    We did not go because there was a freak hail storm after work. We had about .5 inch of hail and lots of trees blew down.
    Ice cream would have been more fun though.
    Maybe Ben & Jerry’s should put a bunch of ice cream on the sidewalk to reduce global warming.

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