Baby Due Dates (re-updated)

Just to help everyone keep all this straight (changes are in red):

  1. Brian and Alayna: March 24 (girl)
  2. Nate and Andrea: May 12 (girl)

    Andrea writes:

    “Because no one on either Nate’s side or Andrea’s side has had a girl first besides Aunt Kathy and Kate Margaret, we will be looking to them for inspiration. We are so excited and saw her swallow, try to suck her thumb, and clench her fist. Nate is hoping that we will do a Mia Hamm nursery now that the Cal Ripken posters must come down.”

  3. Kate and Mike: May 22 (boy or girl – intentionally a mystery)
  4. Larry and Elise: July 25th ( girl )

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6 Responses to Baby Due Dates (re-updated)

  1. A. Flora says:

    It’s only a question of time before Lilly asks to be put on retainer to do the Christmas Gift Exchange!

  2. Uncle Larry says:

    The time has come to consider the ramifications of all of these babies. We are not going to have enough runners for the Road Race. I suggest a yearly limit on pregnancies inorder to keep the females in the road race.
    Uncle H

  3. kate says:

    I will definitely be on the sidelines for the road race this year. U. Don better get cracking on the addition to the heights house because the Pattersons are busting out of it!

  4. Larry E. says:

    Please add “Elise … July 25″ to your list! Happy New Year!

  5. A. Flora says:

    It occurs to me that we may be morally bound to imform all potential Palmer spouses that PALMERS ARE VERY FERTILE!!

  6. A. Flora says:

    The 3 boy brothers/cousins are going to have their hands full watching out for the bevy of little beauties!

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