Owen Graduates!

Congratulations Owen!

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4 Responses to Owen Graduates!

  1. Lilly says:

    Owen’s graduation was so much fun – it seems like he has really enjoyed his past 4 years in Delaware – these pictures are from his smaller graduation ceremony with his school, but at his large graduation, he had a huge inflatable pink flamingo, which made him easy to see in the big crowd!!!!

  2. nlpalmer says:

    Owen, a big, fat Giddy Up!!! Congratulations on a job well done. Can you post your summer address for congratulatory cards and gifts. Enjoy Deleware this summer. The best is yet to come.
    Love, Aunt Nancy, Uncle Mike and Adam, Margaret and Elizabeth

  3. Kate says:

    Another Palmer success story. COngratulations Owen!

  4. Aunt Flora says:

    Congratulations, Owen, you’ve done yourself and your family proud. Now on to the next adventure. View every day as an adventure!! You won’t be disappointed. With love, Aunt Flora

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