Update on Uncle Mike 6

1925 Thursday June 26

Flora went with Nancy and Mike to the hospital in Boston today. The surgery is scheduled for July 16th. The mass on Mike’s lung that sent him from Falmouth to Boston was not cancer last year and was not cancer this year. Most of the mass has been removed. The cancer was found(size of a pea) by the Boston Doctor when he did the Bronchoscopy. The cancer is in the very very early stages. The status of the adjacent lymph nodes will be determined on the 16th just prior to surgery. If they are clean the surgery will proceed. If they are involved the surgery will not take place at that time. The treatment will be re-discussed. Mike told the twins and Adam about the cancer yesterday. More detailed information is available from Flora.
Best Regards, Uncle Larry

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  1. DJP III says:

    Please notice that this information is corrected on June 27th.

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