Trunk or Treat


Kate writes:

“This picture was taken at Trunk or Treat ( a Halloween celebration) at Cape Cod Church in Falmouth. The family that we are with is our cousin Tara and her husband Steve. Tara is Melanie McDonald’s daughter, Melanie McDonald for anyone who doesn’t know is the daughter of Uncle Russ (Grampa’s brother.) Tara went to Notre Dame with Larry and Tara’s husband Steve was in the Navy with Larry at Notre Dame. Tara and Steve live off Cape but have a second home in West Falmouth. They go to Cape Cod Church when they are in Falmouth. Tara and I were thrilled when we ran into each other at church the first time, and we have seen each other there a few times since then. FYI Andrea- I was a cow, very low budget costume-white tyvec suit from Home Depot, sew on black felt spots, throw a cowbell around your neck, and you are good to go. I used it last year without the spots and I was a missing person on a milk carton. dalmation next year. Mike can be the fire hydrant.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the picture and explanation of who everyone is. Can’t believe that is Tara and that they go to Cape Cod Church!! Rita

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