Larry flies over

So, this took me a little while to figure out, but apparently, Larry II is “performing” in a fly-over formation with his squadron. The first fly-over was yesterday and marked an induction ceremony into the Football Hall of Fame where the inductee is Elvin Bethea, father of a squadron member.

If you saw the ceremony on Sunday at 1:45P on ESPN Larry was in the rear position. If it’s not too late by the time you read this today, he will be on ABC at 7:56P (eastern ?), but in the front position. The fly-over is happening in Ohio. And the football game is between Kansas City and Green Bay.


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One Response to Larry flies over

  1. Larry II says:

    From Larry II…
    Thank you to anyone who tried to watch this event on TV. We didn’t get the “on-air” coverage we were hoping for, but the weekend was a resounding success. Our two flyovers were perfect (despite the rain on Sunday) and we spent some quality time hob-knobbing with the Hall of Famers. Turns out, Don Shula is still bitter about that “snowplow” incident vs the Patriots!! ESPN has promised to send us the video of the flyby as well as some pictures so I’ll try to send them along!

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