Recap from Uncle Mike

Uncle Mike writes:

We talked to the Doctor who did the surgery on my lung, late this afternoon. The results from the pathologist on the part of the lung removed and the lymph nods, where the best that we were hoping. The tumor was the only part containing any cancer. He described it as 1 centimeter in size consisting of low grade, slow growing cancer cells. This means that the cancer has been removed and there should not be a need for any further treatments.
I’m feeling good, but I still have a couple of tough weeks of recovery. Then a couple of months until I will be as normal as I can get!!
I want to say THANK YOU!!! to everyone for all your support and prayers.I consider myself very lucky to have so many people that are so concerned about me. I also want to say THANK YOU!!! for all the support you have given Nancy. I consider myself very lucky to have her!!!!!!

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