Dylan and Alex Photo

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Updates on Elise and Alexandra

10:26 pm [Yesterday]
Hey all…
After a 2 hour break this afternoon (to let the baby rest) the induction is back on track. Elise has her epidural in place and the doctor broke her water at about 9:45. The projected delivery time is between 2-5 am but you never can tell about these things. Elise is taking a nap and I will try to do the same. It’s tough though with all the monitors in here – I feel like if I take my eyes off of them I’ll miss something!

1:34 am
To those hearty souls still up (and those who will catch the highlights in the morning)…
No more naps for us. Labor stats at 1:15 were 7cm and -2 sta. That means baby time is an hour or so away if things continue to progress. We’re wide awake and waiting for the next nurse-check at 1:45. Next update should include a name, weight, and picture so we’ll talk to you then!

4:23 am

Hey everybody!!!

Alexandra Elise Palmer

Born July 13, 2004

3:06 am

7 lbs 13 oz / 20 in

Riley Hospital, Constitution Ave, Meridian, MS

Both Mom and baby are in perfect shape. Room and phone #’s to follow once we get to our permanent room.
Thank you for all the prayers and kind messages!!!

What did people do before the Internet ? -Don

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Elise, a work in progress

Larry writes:

Hello everyone…
[I wanted to let] you all know that Elise is being induced today at Riley Hospital in Meridian. Both Mom & baby are just fine but after our checkup today the doctor decided that today was the day. Elise is all hooked up to medicines and monitors and listening to her CD player. Everything is going well. I’ll send pictures as they become available!
Love, LEP
LCDR L. E. Palmer

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Photos of Gary and Lilly’s Wedding

I uploaded the photos that I (and some that my dad took) at Lilly’s wedding. There is one really great one of Lilly during the pre-wedding photos and a good shot of the cake. If you ever want to do anything with a photo and the resolution isn’t high enough let me know. I might have a higher resolution version on my computer. If anyone has more photos that they want to add email them to me, or try and upload them yourself.


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Dylan is 2 today

Lawrence Dylan Palmer is 2 years old today.

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Larry courts the Queen Mary 2

Uncle Larry writes:

I took her into Newport, RI on July 4th´ú░and then stayed on board and took her back out. The staff Captain gave me the $20 tour from the back to the front. It is very elaborate. A lot of high ceilings and they have their own planetarium in one of the theaters. The slot machines are in one area only and the public rooms are like the original Queen Mary that is now a hotel in Long Beach.

Flora and I stayed on the Queen Mary in Long Beach when I made the trip out to the west coast in early May of this year. Flora’s Father was delivered to England for the WW2 D-Day invasion on board the original Queen Mary. The QM2 was making a 4 day cruise out of New York when it came into Newport for the fireworks display on the 4th. Cunard gave Newport $10,000 toward the cost of the fireworks. I thought the fireworks were nice but not spectacular. (Falmouth spends $30,000 each year from private funds raised and that was better.) But the boats around the ship were amazing. Hundreds of them. They really wanted the QM2 in Newport. It just felt like everyone was “respectfully” of the ship. The inbound passage was slow, but all the boats kind of made a path for the ship. Everyone on the ship was very pleased.

Regards, Uncle Larry [aka Captain Larry Palmer]

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B. Patterson family update

Alayna writes on her website:

“Bryce and Audrey continue to grow like weeds! Bryce seems to learn a new word every day and Audrey is trying to catch up. One of Bryce’s newest words is “Play-doh” which was coming out “minnow” for awhile. Audrey has coos and gurgles that are just as cute as can be. She smiles a lot and has such a gentle personality! We’ve also noticed that she goes for older men – especially those collecting social security. Guess my girl knows where the money is!”

Click here for more news and some photos.

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Owen Graduates!

Congratulations Owen!

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Welcome Grace Eileen Verwys

Andrea and Nate had Grace Eileen Verwys this morning (5/17/04) at 12:56am. She was a healthy little girl who came out screaming, but had calmed down by the time that we saw her. She was 8lbs 7oz.

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Andrea is in labor

In a horrible abuse of digital technology, the Palmer Clan brings you pictures of Andrea who is currently in labor. She checked into the hospital this afternoon at about 4pm or so. She has an epidural and is waiting it out right now. Click on the image for the slideshow.

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