Palmer Clan Gifts Exchange


Photo courtesy of allie

Aunt Kathy writes:

“Hello everyone, Thanks Andrea for bringing up the exchange again. It appears that I left it with some confusion that should be cleared up. From the feedback last summer, it appeared that the first generation would continue to exchange, but there were several people in the next generation who wanted to discontinue it.

That being said, this was not entirely confirmed by everyone. Since I have heard that Larry, Elise, Kate, Mike, Lilly, Gary and Owen are not “in” the pool this year, my assumption is that for the second generation, the exchange is off. Please let me know if this is not the case. I’d be happy to recirculate any further communication on this.

For the first generation which includes Larry, Flora, Rita, Don, me, Walter, Karen, Rick, Mike and Nancy the exchange is still on. If anyone has a copy of the exchange list, perhaps you could distribute it. Nancy, do you have it? If not, who does? My best to you all. I apologize for the confusion. Kathy”

From my (Don III’s) communication, I would add that in addition to those second generation listed above, Adam, Margaret and Elizabeth are not going to participate this year.

It sounds like from this that the gift exchange for the second generation on down is off. Also from the underwhelming response from the group gift idea, it sounds like that is not going to fly either. If you want to add any comments please do so below by clicking on the “Add a Comment” link and then on the following page, click on the “sign in” link.

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Leftover Photos


It’s a holiday, so I’m catching up on email from the Palmer Clan field correspondents.

I’ve decided that Gary is a much better photographer than I am. He has an overwhelming number of photos from Summer 2006 on the cape available here.

Those photos can also be seen in two slideshows:

Slideshow 1 (Cape)
Slideshow 2 (Road Race)

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Palmer Clan Gifts Exchange

The gift exchange is currently in flux as we decide who is and isn’t participating in it….

Maybe a nice alternative would be if we all contributed to give a gift to someone else as a family. That way we wouldn’t be “killing a family tradition”, just adapting it to a changing family.

That way people who would like to continue to be involved could work together on something that reflects the great things about Christmas without doing a gift exchange.

We could come up with a process of deciding who we should give the gift to as a family instead.
We could do it through organizations like:



Those are some of my favorites…., but we would have to pick together.

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Palmer Clan Gifts Exchange


Photo courtesy of allie

Andrea writes:

“Despite conflicting messages, the Palmer Clan Christmas Exchange is still on! Begin thinking about your gifts and contact Lilly or Aunt Nancy if you don’t know who you are buying for.”

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Brian gets promoted


Brian writes in to the palmer clan with the following news…

“I’ve been promoted to the Director of IT for the Southeast Region of K. Hovnanian homes. Because of the downturn in the homebuilding industry, this was the only promotion in our region this year. I’ll still be reporting to the CFO, but I’ll now have to manage 10 people too. They’re also giving me all the coffee and creamer I can drink…that might come in handy.”

Also he was a scary clown for Halloween. Sorry that’s redundant….

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Some Patterson Photos

(photos lost in website transition.)

Sandy and I just went on a 10-year anniversary trip while Don and Rita watched Theo and Joy. We went to a small hotel in Mexico, south of San Diego. Here are the best of the photos in a slideshow.

We also bought some furniture that is made in Mexico while we were there. If you’re dying to see that I put the photos here.

And then there are four completely unrelated photos of Theo and Joy jumping off the diving board here.

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Theo is six

We had a birthday party for Theo this weekend. It was Peter Pan themed. Phase I was attacking Captain hook with water balloons. Phase II was sinking boats with ice cubes. Phase III was diving for sunken treasure. Phase IV was a parrot pinata. Phase V was pizza, cake and presents. Slideshow can be seen by clicking on the image on the left. We had a lot of fun!

(photos lost in website transition)

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Gary and Lilly expecting #2 !


Lilly writes:

“Gary, Joe, and I are pleased to announce that we are expecting another addition to our family! I am close to the end of my first trimester of pregnancy and am due on April 17th. We had an ultrasound last week and the doctors say the baby looks very healthy. We are very excited and are now in the process of looking for a house that will fit our growing family!

I hope you are all well!

Take care,

Lilly, Gary, and Joe

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Joe Pezza is baptized

Just a two photo slideshow here. Other photos are available at at this website

Joe is of the generation which will have few moments of his life not captured digitally.

(some photos lost in website transition)

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President Kelsey Laine

clinton.jpg bush.jpg kelsey.jpg gore.jpg

Q. Which one of these people don’t belong?

A. That’s right! It’s Al Gore because, now that Kelsey has been voted president of the National Honor Society, he’s the only one that hasn’t been a president!

Congrats Kelsey! (Kelsey is also the drama club secretary and class representative to the Student Government this year)

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