Photos, Flooding in MA


Owen and Lilly are budding journalists:

More readers’ rain and flood photos –

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Of course nothing beats Grandma-Net, but…


Photo courtesy of moedym

I can’t possibly believe that I was able to post this faster than the combination of Eileen and Rita were able to spread the word, but just in case… Sandy and I are expecting a new baby to the family, due on Bryce’s birthday, 12/28.

Sandy went to the doctor about a week and a half ago and was able to hear the heartbeat and saw it on a sonogram – even though it’s only .42 cm long!


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Baby Pezza is here!

mushroom rattle

Photo courtesy of pinprick

Via the Verwys':

Joseph Michael [Pezza] is here.

1211 on 24 April, 2006

8lb 11oz.

Gary doing fine.

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Andrea raffle of sanity


Andrea writes:

Hi Palmers,

I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in buying a raffle ticket for my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group? You would have a decent chance of winning.

It helps financially support our local group. It offset s some of the dues for the moms, provides childcare for our meetings, and also helps pay for activities like renting the park out for picnic s , etc. You can claim this as a tax deduction, unless you win.

The grand prize is a $450 gift certificate to the Ritz Carlton!! You can go to any Ritz in the nation and most of them hav e a spa and great restaurants. The tickets are 3 for $10 or $4 each. You can paypal me (to avoid using a stamp) or can send me a check. I will mail you your ticket. If you are interested, please email me privately.

Please support the group that helps me maintain my sanity.

Talk to you soon, Andrea

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

To celebrate Saint Patrick‘s Day and all things Irish. I present a slightly Patterson-centric photo slideshow montage thing. It’s big and it’s QuickTime. For now get it here. Or you can get it from Google now, on the right. (lost in website transition) That’s because my dad was whining about the size of the file.

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Theo started T-Ball

Theo started T-Ball this week. He’s a Cardinal. 3 photo slideshow is here

(photos lost in website transition)

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Jamaica Debrief

from our correspondent in the field:

“In November Uncle Don and Aunt Rita went on a two week short term mission trip to the poverty stricken areas in the mountains of Jamaica. They were part of a team of 2 doctors and 3 nurses under the auspices of Teams for Medical Missions (TEAMS). Rita and the other members of the medical team treated over 500 patients with ailments ranging from ringworm to diabetes, including a few acute life threatening infections and medical emergencies. Uncle Don and the rest of the “unskilled” spouses and team members built a small home for a family in the mountains whose house had recently burned to the ground. In the evenings they led bible studies for various groups of youth as well as adult men in a drug/alcohol rehabilitation facility in a nearby city.

Uncle Don and Aunt Rita were pretty overwhelmed by the extreme poverty in such a beautiful and resource-laden land that with honest government and a society that enforced its Judeo-Christian based judicial system could be a “Hawaii of the east”. On the other hand they returned with grateful hearts at having made a difference (albeit a small difference) in many people’s lives and a renewed appreciation for the U.S.A. and the abundant God-given material blessings we enjoy. They look forward to returning again soon. ”

(photos lost in website transition>

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Walter gets tenure!


The word on the street is that Walter got tenure!


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Photos of Lilly’s Baby Shower


Lilly writes:

“Hey Donnie-

Here are a few pictures from my Baby shower this past weekend. Thought you may like to post them. I had a lot of fun – it was so much fun having Andrea and Baby Rita here – good practice for Gary and I to be around the baby. Everyone was extremely generous with their gifts and I think that we have all the things we need for when the baby comes!!!


photos lost in website transition

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Not another brick in the wall


Brick Walk Photo courtesy of summervillian

Hello everyone! I heard a rumor that Lilly and Gary bought the Palmer family a brick in the brick wall that the town of Falmouth is building at the end of the Falmouth Road Race. It was very generous of them. It will say “In honor of the Falmouth Palmer Family”. We should see it next summer.

Thanks Gary and Lilly! First one to find the brick wins a doughnut!

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