Jack in the Cape Cod Times


Kate writes:

“Jack’s picture is on page C7 of the Cape Cod Times today with the owner of the barber shop “cute Susan” as my dad called her. Jack would always scream his head off when I took him to get his hair cut so my dad took him to cute Susan one day and Jack has been there ever since with no problems! Click on the second link to see the picture.”



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Quick Julius Update

The adoption process is going well, but slowly. We have submitted volumes of documents to the Philippines and are waiting to be told that we have been “matched” with Julius. At that point the process goes to Homeland Security for visas. We hope that he will be here by the start of school next year. A social worker from International Christian Adoptions went to the Philippines and told us that Julius definitely knows what is happening and that there is a PeaceCorps volunteer in his orphanage who is very excited for him (and 3 other kids from the same program who are being adopted) and is helping him with English.

If you ever want to maintain privacy over your personal information, don’t adopt anyone, on the other hand if you want to spend tons of money – it’s an easy way to do it. (hahahaha)


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Kelsey Rushes Nancy’s Sorority

From Kelsey

“hi Donnie!!

So I have a little bit of news I was hoping you could post on the website. I just finished sorority recruitment at UMASS Amherst and I am offically a new member pledge in Aunt Nancy’s old sorority, Iota Gamma Upsilon!!! It’s really exciting because I’m one of the only two girls who is a legacy!! (Legacy meaning someone in your family was in the sorority.) I’m really excited and this picture is of the new girls and me at Friendlys on bid night!! I hope everyone is well out there in Cali! i miss y’all!!



Hurray for Kelsey!!!


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Barack O’Bama

Sandy sends in this link in which the Irish claim Obama as their own. Click here. (It’s funny)

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Owen in Sports Marketing Competition

Owen is heading across country for a sports marketing competition – go Owen!

“…The winning team will present its case results to conference attendees, comprised of more than 800 executives from various sports teams and leagues across North America.
Lindsay Jefferson (Clarksburg, W. Va.), Larisa Mackey (Fairfax, Va.) Owen Mullin (Amherst, Mass.) and Taylor Walker (Cary, N.C.) will participate at the conference which takes place Jan. 26-28 in Phoenix.

The six schools that have participated in the NSF Case Cup since its inception are recognized nationally for their programs that teach the business of sports. It has always been our aspiration to be included in that elite group, and we expect that participating in the NSF event will be an important step in enhancing the reputation of the outstanding program we offer at UNC Charlotte,” said Linda Swayne, director of the MBA Sports program in the Belk College of Business. “

Full story

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Julius has left


Julius went home this morning very early. My mom and dad were also visiting and went home today also. We miss everyone a lot and it’s a little too quiet around now if you ask me.

The whole experience was great and we had a lot of fun. Maybe Sandy will leave some more thoughts in the comments? -Don

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Julius update 2


Quick update. We went to Knott’s Berry Farm and had a lot of fun. Julius was freaked out when we first got there because there were enormous roller coasters towering over the ticket booth. He was adamant that he did not want to go on them. Things got better once we maneuvered over to Camp Snoopy! (Veteran’s day at Knott’s Berry Farm meant that I got our whole group in for $45.00 and rather than being filled with lots of potential gang members it was filled with former military – very different vibe!)

Everything is still going fine. We hosted four social workers last night who came with the kids. They are very funny Filipino ladies. It’s their first time in the U.S., but they speak English very well. Their main goal is to pick an apple from a tree. We don’t quite understand why that is so important to them, but they really want to do it.

Julius is speaking more comfortably now, but still only a handful of words every now and then. He has started doing some very light school work with Sandy and is doing great with that. Good at math and coming up to speed fast on English reading.

We appreciate all your prayers and encouraging messages!

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Julius update

Quick update on Julius from Sandy:

” I took the kids to the beach today and Julius was just like a small child playing in the tidepools. He was so excited. He caught all these crabs and fish and put them in a bucket. He kept calling “mom” for me to come see his latest catch! We also played our beach paddle ball for awhile which was really fun. I don’t think the adult women play with them much, because he keeps looking at me funny when I ride razors, play at the beach, sit down and play with the toys, etc. I think he likes it, but it’s definitely a little unusual. Now they are upstairs playing matchbox cars. He is talking more every day. He even spelled America for Theo when Theo asked me how to spell it! He is starting to repeat little phrases we use like “Oh my goodness.” and “sorry, my fault!” It’s fun to hear him trying them out. I am glad he is feeling safe enough to do that. Please keep praying because I can see the answers every hour! … Julius is really sweet with the girls, though. Carries things for them, says, “martha, Martha” when she is crying and tries to play peek-a-boo with her. He also made peace between Joy and Theo several times this morning and later, Joy said, “He is a really nice boy.”

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Julius has landed


Hi, everyone. Really fast thing update. We are hosting a boy from the Philippines for a month. His name is Julius. He is 12 years old. This is a picture after he arrived and all the boys went out and got haircuts at my fancy-pants salon. He is from an orphanage in Manila. At the end of November he will be going home. He is part of a group of 18 kids that are doing the same thing he is in something called the “Welcome Home” program being run by International Christian Adoptions out of Temecula (south of Irvine).

We are really excited to have him here. He is exhausted from the travel, but being a trooper. Very quiet and reserved so far. His main language is Tagalog, but he understands (and can read) quite a bit of English.

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Saturday Night Beach Picnic is Moved

Flickr Image

Photo courtesy of mischiru

Kathy reports:

“We are having our usual Saturday night picnic at 6 pm WITH ONE MAJOR CHANGE.


The reason for the change is that Sippiwissett Beach is in bad shape and we’ll have more beach and same amount of sunset in North Falmouth.

Nos Vemos!


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