New Baby Sonogram!


Brian and Alayna’s new baby had his/her first photo taken. Click on the image above to see a close-up.
The baby is lying on its back like an astronaut. Head is on the lower right, feet in the air.

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Andrea and Nate Cell Phone Update

Andrea writes:

Nate and I took the plunge and decided to get a cell phone!
Here is our new number:
(571) 243-2660
Like everyone in American, we have free nights (doesn’t do us must good,
we are in bed at 9) and weekends so call us whenever you would like!!
Talk soon,
Andrea and Nate

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2003 Christmas Exchange List

The 2003 Christmas Exchange List is hereby announced:

Giver –> Receiver
The old generation:
Larry –> Don
Flora –> Walter
Rita –> Mike
Don –> Larry
Kathy –> Flora
Walter –> Rita
Karen –> Nancy
Rick –> Kathy
Mike –> Karen
Nancy –> Rick

The fresh young generation:
Larry –> Owen
Tuck –> Sandy
Dylan –> Molly
Kate –> Don
Mike –> Adam
Gabrielle –> Jeff
Don –> Dylan
Sandy –> Lilly
Theo –> Andrew
Joy –> Mike
Brian –> Kate
Alayna –> Gabrielle
Bryce –> Gary
Andrea –> Kelsey
Nate –> Margaret
Lilly –> Joy
Gary –> Andrea
Owen –> Tuck
Jeff –> Alayna
Andrew –> Nate
Molly –> Elizabeth
Kelsey –> Theo
Adam –> Larry
Elizabeth –> Brian
Margaret –> Bryce

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A Palmer Brush With Fame


This one doesn’t seem to be a Photoshop picture. It is really Larry with some guy named Mitt Romney, allegedly the governer of Massachusetts.

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Send me those digital photos!

Don’t forget to send me those digital photos from the Christening and Road Race weekend! I’ll get them all gussied up and posted on the web site.
Send them to: or any other email address that you happen to know that I use.

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Lilly’s new Address

Lilly writes:

Gary and I moved yesterday into our new condo. Our new address is
124 Wellman Ave
North Chelmsford, MA 01863
and our phone number is

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Don’t forget Gabrielle’s Christening

Kate writes:

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder Gabrielle’s christening is this
Saturday, August 9th, 12 noon at St. Thomas chapel on
Falmouth harbor. Please be there for her if you can!

There will be a party after at 38 Twin Hill Rd.

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National Clown Week

In appreciation of Chipper the clown, Uncle Larry writes:

“Finally, an excuse to act silly! Perfect the art of clowning around from August 1-7: It’s National Clown Week.”
We are lucky to have Uncle Mike with us. There were so many prayers said by everyone for his recovery that I doubt that Notre Dame will ever win a football game again. We used up all our good will with GOD on Uncle Mike.

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Larry flies over

So, this took me a little while to figure out, but apparently, Larry II is “performing” in a fly-over formation with his squadron. The first fly-over was yesterday and marked an induction ceremony into the Football Hall of Fame where the inductee is Elvin Bethea, father of a squadron member.

If you saw the ceremony on Sunday at 1:45P on ESPN Larry was in the rear position. If it’s not too late by the time you read this today, he will be on ABC at 7:56P (eastern ?), but in the front position. The fly-over is happening in Ohio. And the football game is between Kansas City and Green Bay.


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Recap from Uncle Mike

Uncle Mike writes:

We talked to the Doctor who did the surgery on my lung, late this afternoon. The results from the pathologist on the part of the lung removed and the lymph nods, where the best that we were hoping. The tumor was the only part containing any cancer. He described it as 1 centimeter in size consisting of low grade, slow growing cancer cells. This means that the cancer has been removed and there should not be a need for any further treatments.
I’m feeling good, but I still have a couple of tough weeks of recovery. Then a couple of months until I will be as normal as I can get!!
I want to say THANK YOU!!! to everyone for all your support and prayers.I consider myself very lucky to have so many people that are so concerned about me. I also want to say THANK YOU!!! for all the support you have given Nancy. I consider myself very lucky to have her!!!!!!

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