Mike F. takes a new job!

Mike reports that after a month of interviewing and four total meetings (presumably with the same company) he took a position as Network Administrator for a company called Nautic Partners in Providence, RI. They are a private equity firm and have
about 55 employees. He started on November 3rd.

One of the downsides is the 120 mile daily commute (round trip)! Time to invest in a cell phone and one of those beaded taxi driver seat cover things

Mike, Kate and Gabrielle are planning on moving sometime in January to a more commute friendly location.

Congratulations Mike!

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Don’t forget about the Christmas Exchange!

If you forgot about the Palmer Christmas Exchange, then make sure you also unforget. Here is a link to the original announcement : Click Me

Only 1 month and 4 days to shop!

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Kate and Mike expecting a sibling for Gabrielle

And in a late breaking story which may already be old news…Kate and Mike are expecting another baby!

The due date is 5/22 and they have heard the heart beat.

Don’t ask them whether its a boy or a girl, because they are waiting to find out….


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Bryce gets a sister!


Brian and Alayna went to the doctor today and found out that they are having a girl! The ultrasound is above. The doc said that everything looks good with the baby…. Congratulations!

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Larry visits Seattle

Courtesy of the U.S. Navy’s fighter training program, Larry II recently had the opportunity to visit Seattle with one of his trainee’s, John. In addition to seeing the local sights such as the Space Needle and the San Michelle winery, they had a chance to grab dinner with Don, Sandy, Theo and Joy.

We all had dinner at Maggie’s, which is a burger place with a great view of downtown Seattle. Although John picked the location it is actually co-located with another restaurant called Palisade which is where Sandy and I were engaged! So Larry got to see the locale where I proposed to Sandy.

That’s the good part, the bad part is that about ten minutes into dinner, Theo threw up all over the table. Not just a little, but a whole huge firehose of vomit :) It kind of reminded me of the movie “Stand by Me” which has a funny throw-up scene in it. I immediately whisked Theo off to the restroom, leaving Sandy, Larry, and John to deal with table. Sandy remarked that it was nice to have two Navy guys around. Unlike the standard Seattle male representative, they were apparently much more helpful at cleaning up the mess and “solving the problem” then she was used to. (Husband excepted of course).

So we did our best to keep a good spin on the situation, and visited for a little bit longer, but eventually Theo couldn’t take it any longer and we cut the evening short so that the Navy guys could catch a hockey game at Key Arena

It was a high-drama rendezvous, but we’re glad we got to see Larry however briefly. I can’t imagine what John thought. Ha! He’ll never have kids now…

Here are a couple of marginal quality photos.

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Brian and Alayna put down roots

Brian and Alayna (and Bryce I guess) announce the following:

“Alayna and I just bought a home 20 minutes outside of Annapolis in Gambrills, Maryland. It’s a quiet area with lots of farms and wooded areas. Here’s the stats…

Built in 1979 on a 2.4 acre mostly wooded lot. It has 4 bedrooms, two fireplaces, half finished basement and a deck. There are some streams and hills in our backyard. There were two other contracts on the house, but the sellers took ours because we didn’t have a house to sell and we were ready to move immediately. Our closing date is November 26.” Looks suspiciously like our parent’s house to me and the furniture belongs to the current owner….
See the photos here.

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Gala Event

This is the second of two news stories from Seattle:

A big exciting event for me recently was participating as a volunteer for a dinner to thank the donors to our new Computer Science building which we are inhabiting now. Only the donors who gave more than $25,000 attended. I got to work security at the door to let the authorized students in and out. It was like being at the red carpet when all the Hollywood stars get out of their limos at the Oscars. (Only there was no press, just me and some balloons)

Anyway it was pretty fun because there were only about 80 people at the dinner, and it included Bill and Melinda Gates, and Paul Allen. The #1 and
#3 richest people in the world! ´ú░Paul Allen had a little entourage that he came in with, but Bill arrived just like any normal person would, except
that he was a little dishelved. :)

I was about a foot from Paul Allen’s rear end while I was moving some flower arrangements. Talk about the seat of power!
The funniest thing that happened was that as
I was wandering around helping out I ran into the catering chef in the basement. It was after dinner and he was rocking on his heels by the door. I asked him what was going on and he said that his catering truck was blocked from getting out of the loading dock by another car. I asked him which car (because I had the keys to a few of them) and he said a blue Porsche. Well there were two special cars in the loading dock. A silver Mercedes (Gates’ car) and a blue Porsche (Paul Allen’s car). Since Paul gave $14 million for
the building I told the chef he should find a comfortable seat for a while :)
Here are some official photos of the event: photos


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Don III speaks at Conference

This is the first of two news stories from Seattle:

I recently attended a conference here in Seattle called UBICOMP for Ubiquitous Computing. I submitted two papers and gave presentations for both of them.

The first was a workshop talk to about 30 people and the second was a talk about our research on GPS that I gave to about 600 hundred people (!). It went really well and I got lots and lots and lots of great comments from some pretty important people at the conference.

Some people told my summer boss at Intel that it was the best talk at the whole conference. I, of course, like to think so :). I posted a picture that my co-author (Lin) took of me during the presentation if you want proof that it happened.( photos)

If you’re bored and want to relive the talk, it is on my home page under “research” look for the stuff under the paper “Inferring High-Level Behavior from Low-Level Sensors” . (research page)

They are pretty big files. Anyway it went over really well, and I had a good time. Sandy really worked hard while I was at all these events and really had a great attitude. Tomorrow we’re going to zip off to the San Juan islands for a small vacation to celebrate everything being over and our 7th (!) anniversary.

Also, Wired wrote a short piece on the conference, no mention of me though:( article)


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Red Hat Linux Gabrielle

Red Hat Girl10.jpg

A new photo of Gabrielle

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Andrea and Nate are pregnant!


Congratulations Andrea and Nate on being pregnant!
Here is a picture of the ultrasound, Andrea drinking a ton of water before the ultrasound and a picture of the pregnancy test, which I think is gross, but Andrea sent it to me, so…

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