Margaret Scores!


From Uncle Mike:

“Margaret scored her first goal Sunday against Walpole. She is # 5 in the picture. She plays for the under 12 year old team of the Falmouth Pride. Falmouth Pride is an all girl’s hockey club playing games through out souteastern Mass. Being only 8 she is the youngest player on the team and one of the youngest in the league. Elizabeth is playing on the Pride house team this year, Next year she will move up with Margaret. The team is expecting big things from the Palmer duo in the future.”

Congratulations Margaret!

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Trip to Japan

(photos lost in website transition)

About two and a half months ago I went to a conference in Osaka Japan on wearable computers. I meant to post some photos of the trip and write about some of the experience. Unfortunately, time moves on. So instead I’ll just leave the best of the photos, unexplained and look forward to talking about them at the next Palmer Clan event.

I am not as good a photographer as my sister, so -sorry. The highlight of this trip was that I won a video iPod at the conference. So now I can watch T.V. in the airplane bathroom if I want.

Happy New Year by the way!

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L.A. Trip

(photos lost in website transition>

So this weekend the O.C. Pattersons decided to take a little car trip into L.A. You know, get out of the suburbs catch a little culture – whatever. So overall we had a good time, but it was kind of like we had entered a movie, not just Hollywood.

It started with this major car-fire on the road in front of us.

Then we found a store called “Theodore” in Beverly Hills. This was just a stones throw from Rodeo Drive and in the shadow of the big Hollywood sign.

Then we ended up eating lunch at a neat spot called the “Famer’s Market.” It was a lot like Pike Place Market in Seattle, but a little smaller. A little touristy, but still had produce being sold and some *really* good Mexican food. Unfortunately for the kids we weren’t able to get the one thing we had on our list for this trip which was a pinata for Joy’s birthday. So, we’re thinking of going to a part of L.A. that is a little more dangerous, but has lots of pinatas. Of course after seeing the car fires, we wonder what “a little more dangerous” means exactly.

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DPA donates some bicycles to kids

Santa’s helpers fulfill wishes of soldiers’ families

From a local news site in Arizona:

“Besides Anteon, Don Patterson Associates, a subcontractor to Anteon, Department of the Army civilians and soldiers of Company E, 305th Military Intelligence Battalion, donated $3,500 for the bicycles, Callahan said. Money is continuing to come in.”

Found without help from the former CEO of DPA.


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Photos of RJV – Updated

photos lost in website transition

Andrea writes:

“Hi Friends and Family,

In case you haven’t heard, Rita Jean Verwys is here! She arrived this past Tuesday, November 29. She was EIGHT DAYS past her due date! We think that she wanted to eat Thanksgiving dinner inside her mom.

Baby Rita was 8 lb 2oz and 21.5 inches. She came at 3:42 PM.

She has brown hair, a beautiful complextion and (we think) big blue eyes. She likes to sleep and eat.

The delivery went well, Andrea is doing well. Grace is pretty indifferent about the new baby. She likes to point to her and say “baby.”

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Welcome Rita Jean Verwys!

Nate, Andrea and Grace Verwys have announced the arrival of Rita Jean Verwys.

The following information was from Nate:

21.5 inches, 8 lbs. 2 oz.

Andrea was induced at about 8pm EST

Baby was born at 3:42 EST on 11/29/2005

Nate says Andrea was pushing for 30 minutes. We’ll see if that report changes once Andrea wakes up.

Baby was delivered at Fairfax Hospital

Everyone is doing great. Both girls are eating.

The nurses say that Rita is a “loud baby”. But we’ve all heard Grace, so….

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It’s a boy Pezza!


Lilly reports that the ultrasound reports “Boy”! To clarify, no baby yet!

Feel free to offer your congratulations and unsolicited suggestions for name and nursery theme below.

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Don Jr. Meets Mr. Chick-Fil-A.


My dad went to a business retreat with Truett Cathy, the CEO of Chick-Fil-A. This was also a group of Christian CEOs.

I have already harassed him about why everyone is a white male, because that’s my job now :), so consider that base covered.

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California Ho!


We made it to California!

On the left is a screenshot of the home page of my new school, The Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences. I made the front page with my brand new favorite animal, the anteater! (Anteaters are the mascot of UCIrvine).

I’ll send out our new contact information through the blog mailing list. If you miss it, email me for it!

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Thanks from Don


We are starting to get settled in California. I will post photos from Road Race and a new address soon. If you have any photos you want me to post, send them my way.

I also just wanted to thank everyone who came to the Sippiwissett beach party during Road Race and gave us the nice cake, card, and good wishes for graduation. It was really unnecessary and unexpected, but appreciated. We are grateful to have such a great family.

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