Some thoughts on adversity

Kate and Kathy wrote some updates that I have put together here:

Kate writes the following update about and for her dad:

“My father has pancreatic cancer. The doctor was not able to remove all the cancer in surgery. My dad has an appointment in Boston in the beginning of June. At the appointment the doctor will discuss chemo and radiation with him.

Thank you from our whole family for all your prayers and well wishes.
Please continue with your prayers. We are keeping our heads high.”

and Kathy wrote a thoughtful comment which I’m elevating out of the comment track to put it into this news story:

“Larry has said many times that he wants his family to learn from him how to face adversity. In that vein, I went back to a book I frequently read to understand life’s adversities. It is named When Bad Things Happen to Good People.

Harold Kushner, the author, writes “You faced a situation that could easily have broken your spirit, a situation that could have left you a bitter, withdrawn woman, jealous of the intact families around you, incapable of responding to the promise of being alive. Somehow that did not happen. Somehow you found the strength not to let yourself be broken. You found the resiliency to go on living and caring about things. Like Jacob in the Bible, like every one of us at one time or another, you faced a scary situation, prayed for help, and found out that you were a lot stronger, and a lot better able to handle it, than your ever would have thought you were. In your desperation, you opened your heart in prayer, and what happened? You didn’t get a miracle to avert a tragedy. But you discovered people around you, and God beside you, and strength within you to help you survive tragedy. I offer that as an example of a prayer being answered”. I have found this inspiring and also helps to understand what Larry is asking of us all. Aunt Kathy

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