New photos of Audrey


Brian and Alayna have posted some new pictures of Audrey and Bryce to their website. See them by clicking here.

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Road Race Entries

Uncle Larry writes:

“To receive an entry for the 2004 race, which will be on Sunday, Aug. 8, please send a No. 10, business-size (9 1/2 inches by 4 1/8 inches), stamped, self-addressed envelope to SBLI Falmouth Road Race, Box 732, Falmouth, MA 02541-0732 by April 26. If you need two, three or four entries, please include a note letting us know and put 60 cents postage on your envelope. We will mail entries blanks on May 1 and the race will close on May 9. A lottery will be held to fill the field from all entries received by the 9th.

We do not have on-line applications, we do not accept or send applications via e-mail or fax, and we require an original application, no photocopies.”

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Welcome Audrey Patterson!


Brian writes:
Audrey Renee Patterson was born March 17, 2004 at
12:25pm. She weighs in at 6 pounds 7 ounces.
19inches in length. We’ll get more info out once we
get a little sleep.

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Palmer Clan Nomads updated

0948 Monday March 15

Zellie and Harold just returned from a NY Bus trip with Nancy and Mike Palmer. We saw the Broadway plays “GYPSY” and “Mamma Mia”.

Unfortunately, we came home to an empty house. Mike and Kate Fredericks are now located at:

25 Woodbine Street
Riverside, RI 02915
telephone 401-433-3190

Zellie and Harold are still debating where Gabrielle should live. We are considering how much time it might take for her Mother and Father to commute back to the Cape to see her.

Best Regards, Uncle Larry

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UW developing AI caretakers that could assist the elderly and disabled

This is a press release that the UW will put out about a trip I’m taking to D.C. Sunday! Kind of exciting… On the poster than I’m presenting there are two big mug shots of Ted and Eileen that I use to tell a story about two different people. I didn’t ask to use their picture. I hope they don’t sue me. I hope I can finish it in time… (There are some typos because it was translated from MS Word, not because we have a lame PR department.)

FROM: Rob Harrill
(206) 543-2580
(NOTE: researcher contact information at end)
For Immediate Release
March 16, 2004
A hand-held device that can precisely pinpoint a person’s location, track the user’s movements and give directions could mean freedom for many seniors whose navigational abilities are failing.
And it could bring greater peace of mind to family members overwhelmed by the demands of caring for an elderly parent.
University of Washington graduate student Don Patterson will be on Capitol Hill today to demonstrate such a device, dubbed ├ČOpportunity Knocks,├« as part of a technology demo sponsored by the Center for Aging Services Technologies. He will be among ….

Continue reading

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Some Funky Fresh Photos of Bryce


Alayna sends this link for some recent pictures of Bryce:
Click Me

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Baby Due Dates (re-updated)

Just to help everyone keep all this straight (changes are in red):

  1. Brian and Alayna: March 24 (girl)
  2. Nate and Andrea: May 12 (girl)

    Andrea writes:

    “Because no one on either Nate’s side or Andrea’s side has had a girl first besides Aunt Kathy and Kate Margaret, we will be looking to them for inspiration. We are so excited and saw her swallow, try to suck her thumb, and clench her fist. Nate is hoping that we will do a Mia Hamm nursery now that the Cal Ripken posters must come down.”

  3. Kate and Mike: May 22 (boy or girl – intentionally a mystery)
  4. Larry and Elise: July 25th ( girl )
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Lilly attends Patriot Rally


Lilly sends this photo of her and a million of her closest friends at a
Patriots rally.


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Larry gets his driver’s license

Larry (II) writes:

“I’m chipping in some news for the website. This past weekend I travelled to Jasper, AL for 4 days of written tests and flight tests with the FAA. At the end of the weekend I was officially licensed by the US Government as an ‘Airline Transport Pilot’. This is the highest license that one can achieve in aviation. I took the flight test with an FAA examiner on Monday in a Piper Seminole after two practice flights on Saturday. Everything went fine with no apparent damage to persons or property. Now there’s just the ‘small’ matter of getting an airline to hire me! I’m planning to apply to Southwest, America West, Alaska, Comair, and any other company that I find out is hiring.
Have a great weekend. Go Patriots!!! ”

Does anyone know anyone in the airline industry who is hiring? (Besides, perhaps, Leo Mullin Uncle Lee)

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Larry II and Elise announce a new baby!

Larry tried to sneak a new baby announcement into a comment, but he can’t fool me.

Larry and Elise are expecting on July 25th!


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