Triathelete Mullins



I hope everyone is well. My Dad and his brother Bill participated in a sprint triathlon this past Sunday in Falmouth. They did a great job! There are a few pictures here and more on our website –

Talk to you soon,


garypezza : photos : Dad’s Triathlon 2008- powered by SmugMug

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Jack says there is such a thing as a free lunch


Kate writes:

” Jack was the local celebrity today for his picture at “free lunch.” My father is probably choking because his grandson was in this article, Mr. Galaska would be saying “how old do you have to be?” because he would want to go himself, and Nancy would say “is there someone who can bring my kids over there?” We ARE frequent visitors, but believe me it was not the only nutritious meal that was offered to him that day!”

Full article here.

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Road Race T-Shirts Anyone?

Flickr Image

Photo courtesy of Matt Stratton

Andrea is rustling up enthusiasm for road race t-shirts this year as it promises to be a big crop of runners. She writes:

“If you are interested in ordering a 2008 Palmer Clan Road Race shirt in memory of our beloved Aunt Nancy and our beloved Uncle Larry, please indicate in the comments below. Andrea will be ordering them and will contact you about sizes. ”

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Bat invades Bryce’s room

Flickr Image

Photo courtesy of radiospike photography

Brian writes:

“Last night Alayna woke me up around 1am and said she thought there was a bird or something flying around the room. She heard a flapping noise and she thought it might have been Audrey walking around. I thought she was still dreaming so I asked if she was awake. She assured me she was awake and she saw something flying around our room.

We turned on the light and sure enough, there was a bat flying around and around and around our bedroom. It flew down the hallway into the children’s rooms and then flew back and forth and all over the place in a bat-like sort of way.

I got up and closed all the doors to the rooms it wasn’t in and eventually cornered it in Bryce’s room while Bryce was still asleep. It was flying around and around his room so much that Bryce was swatting at in in his sleep. I got Bryce out of the bedroom and then got inside his room with a giant sheet. He eventually went into the closet and then Alayna and I threw the sheet on top of him and we wrapped him up and threw him outside.

I asked Bryce about it in the morning and he didn’t remember anything about the whole incident. He didn’t even remember we waking him up. I’m almost positive the bat came from our basement. We didn’t close the door to the basement last night so that’s how he got upstairs. I had to confess to Alayna that sometime ago I saw a bat in the basement, but I never told her. At least she felt better knowing where it came from.”

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Gabrielle carries on the tradition


Gabrielle carries on the fine Palmer tradition of getting her picture in the newspaper whenever possible!:

Cape Cod online news-The Barnstable Patriot, Cape Cod newspaper published weekly

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Congratulations Owen and Kate!

Owen responded to the Thanksgiving post with a little bit of news:

“I have a new Palmer Clan update. When Kate came home from work the other night I proposed to her and she accepted. She thought we were on our way out to the gym, but I had planned a nice meal and decorated the place with all sorts of Christmas lights. She came in and asked what the occasion was and when she turned around I was down on one knee. We’re really excited about planning the wedding and spending the rest of our lives together and we can’t wait to celebrate with everyone. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!”

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Mike got promoted

From Uncle Larry:

“1746 hrs Thursday,

Some good news from he Cape for the bulletin board. Mike Frderericks has been promoted at Cape Cod Hospital.

Love, Uncle Larry”

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Ash Wednesday


Don III writes:

“It sure is smoky around here. Ash is falling on us and it’s hard to breathe. Attached is a photo from my office window.
Smoke is coming up from the hills in the distance. (That’s the sun, not fire.) It makes a pretty sunrise, but sure smells bad.”

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More offers for travel assistance for Nancy’s memorial

From Don Jr.

“Can you put on the web that Harry Fletcher has offered his house for anyone who needs it during this week. His house is in Mashpee and he and his wife are on travel. Also, of course there is room in the Heights house.”

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Memorial Services for Nancy

From Uncle Mike via Uncle Larry:

Saturday: Family ceremony at the funeral home for the family only.

Sunday: Wake 4 to 8 PM at Chapman Cole and Gleason next to St. Patrick’s

Monday: Funeral 11 am, burial in West Barnstable

Monday: K of C hall in Falmouth.”

Cousin Larry adds:

“Please include on the post that anyone who needs assistance with travel arrangements or lodging should call me at 601-880-1472 or 508-833-2038. I have some experience in that field and I am happy to help.”

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