Nancy is at Mass General Hospital

Uncle Larry writes that Nancy is at Mass General Hospital in very serious condition.

Uncle Larry appears to be on email (pilotpalmer AT fredericks DOT org) and that is probably the best way to get more information right now. Don’t call Mike.

I’m not going to post medical details unless Mike asks me too. – djp3

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Travel Update from Uncle Larry

From Uncle Larry:

1412 hours Mountain time Friday

“Hi everyone,

We are stopped near Shelby ,Montana about 50 miles south of the Canadian Border where Route 15 intersects route 2 on the map. Amtrak does not own the tracks so they have to wait for the freight trains when necessary. The freight train ahead of us had a train car break a carrying bar which weights about 1000 lbs. The need to get the bar out of he way, move the car to a safe location, then let us pass them by. In the mean time Joe, Kathy, and Zellie have gone down for lunch(real nice food) and I’m writing to you from the cell tower connection at Shelby.

This is beautiful country. The best thing we have seen so far is the Glen Marshal Blackfoot Indian Reservation at the Glacier National Park. Excuse the joke, but know that the foliage was just great and the mountains(Rocky Mts) had snow on them. We took a lot of pictures from inside the train that came out great. We are having a great trip. But we did not win any money at Las Vegas. The scenery from the train is breath taking.

We are going to be delayed because of this freight car but no one knows for how long. We are taking picture of the sleeper car for my Mother to compare to the Chicago trips of he old day. We are very pleased with the trip so far. We are due in Chicago on Saturday at 1600 Hrs.

Love Harold”

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Charitable Vending Inc.

Flickr Image

Photo courtesy of BrittneyBush

From Don Patterson Jr.

“As of today I am no longer President of D.P. Associates Inc. (DPA). I am the Special Assistant to the person I have been mentoring for the last 8 months and who is now President. I will serve in this full time capacity through Dec 31 at which time [Rita] and I will head to Naples for 3 months with one trip to Fairfax in mid-February. I have incorporated another company (C corporation rather than S Corporation which is what DPA was until being acquired by L-3) [snip]. Its purpose is to generate profits to be distributed to charities through the placement of vending machines in corporate offices. Good New Jail & Prison ministry will be the first beneficiary. ”

I can’t decide if “Bars Behind Bars, Inc.” or “Snack Prison, Inc.” is the better name -djp3

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Bryce’s Fish


From Brian:

Bryce caught his first fish!

There is one less happy fish in the Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis…

9-inch white perch”

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Notre Dame Football / Cancer Update

From Uncle Larry,

“Larry E. and I traveled to South Bend, IN last weekend(8-31-2007) to see the 1st Notre Dame game of the season. We managed to get great seats, 7 rows up at the 20 yard line, on real seats not a bench. See the picture attached.

It occurred to me after talking to Don and Sandy on their way home from the road race this year that all the information about my cancer might not be getting out to the Family. I don’t like to talk about negative things. I prefer to stand up with a smile and try to show all of you how to handle adversity. But for the sake of good order I will tell all of you that I have stopped chemotherapy because it was not doing any good. On February 21, 2007 my doctor gave me 3 months to 18 months to live. I beat the 3 month mark and I feel like I can go a lot longer enjoying the time I have left. I stopped work completely on February 22, 2007 and I now even have time to go to a bible study group with my good friend Bob Galaska once a week. I ask you to pray for me and Flora to give us the strength to be patient and to be brave.

Flora is at my side day and night being my nurse. She is showing everyone what it means in the marriage vows when they say “for better or for worse”. She certainly did not run from the worse of our marriage which is cancer. We are planning on traveling this winter at least one week each month to warm weather. The other 3 week will be devoted to our Grandchildren.

I want to end this by saying how proud I am to be your Father, Uncle, and Grandfather.”

(some pictures were lost during website transition)

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Samuel Nathan Verwys


“Where is my binky!”

This is really old news by now, but since I was out of Internet connectivity in Africa, I wasn’t able to post it. If anyone wants to act as back-up editor, let me know!

From Andrea:

“Hi Friends and Family,

Samuel Nathan was born Saturday afternoon, August 4. He was 8 lbs 10 oz and 21 inches long. We are all doing well, he fits right in with his big sisters Grace and Rita. We are so thankful for this gift from the Lord, he is precious! Enjoy the photos!

Love, Andrea and Nate”

Click on the image on the left for the snapfish link

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Welcome Benjamin Michael Pezza!



Benjamin Michael Pezza was born last Saturday morning – we arrived home from the hospital today and everyone is feeling great!

I hope everyone is well!

Take care,

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Don Jr. cancer update

Flickr Image

Photo courtesy of brixton

This is a little bit late in Internet-time, but just for the record, Andrea writes:

Thank you to everyone who prayed for my dad yesterday! I am sorry I couldn’t call everyone back that called, thank you for checking in. Thank you to everyone who was at the hospital too! It meant a lot. Grace and Rita were taking naps all over the hospital waiting room in between Dora episodes, M & Ms and lattes for me. That was quite the adventure.

The surgery was delayed quite a bit due to complications of the guy before my dad (which made for a long day). The urologist said that the procedure on my dad was very standard and “to the books.” Not much blood. It took 3 1/2 hours!

I didn’t talk to my dad last night but I heard him in the background saying something about chicken broth. He was in and out of it. So he is doing fine. Will keep everyone posted. The results to see if it has spread or metastasized will be back later this week so please pray it hasn’t. Andrea

And since then, my dad reports that the pathology came back and indicated that the cancer did not appear to have spread. -Don III

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Pezza’s Home Sweet Home


Lilly and Gary close on their house today which means that they will have a new address. Email Lilly to get it.

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Home Sweet Home


Lilly writes:


We bought a house in Milford this past week and we are very excited about it. We had our home inspection today and things went well. We close on February 28 and will be able to move in before the baby arrives, which is a huge relief for us. Here is a picture of the front and there are additional photos posted on our website at (there are a lot of photos that I took so I can plan decorations and remember what type of closet space we have in each room, so there are a few pictures that may seem strange to have taken).

Hope you are all well.

Talk to you soon,


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